Verstappen: 'It's simple and easy to blame the young driver'

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

The Spaniard's jostling with Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull RB9 in the second half of the race was especially entertaining as the two world champions traded lead stints as if they were at the Indianapolis 500. After being hailed as the boy wonder when he burst onto the scene winning his debut race with Red Bull two years ago, his second campaign touched occasional heights with two race wins but largely failed to build on the promise.

The Chinese Grand Prix host, the Shanghai International Circuit, has been regarded by Formula 1 drivers as one of the toughest technical circuits to come from a Hermann Tilke-designed track. In Australia it misjudged Lewis Hamilton's advantage during a Virtual Safety Car period, while a timid strategy, mixed with a sublime defensive drive from Vettel, saw the world champions fall short in Bahrain. I think it was a fair chance. There was nothing crazy, nothing risky. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. I don't think I did anything wrong in my approach.

The Mercedes driver used the word "d--head" in reference to Verstappen while viewing the footage of the collision after the race and his remarks post the race were quite scathing.

"Those things happen and there's no need for me to change anything".

Other talking points include whether or not Haas and Toro Rosso can maintain the impressive pace they showed in Bahrain, and purists up and down the grid will be hoping the once-proud Williams team can lift itself out of its uncompetitive funk that has so far seen both of its cars languishing at the back of the pack.

Fernando Alonso dominated in 2005 to score the first of his two Shanghai triumphs before Schumacher managed to fend off a late charge from the Spaniard in 2006.

Una mujer decapitó a su hijo de siete años en Nueva York
A raíz del video , intervino la Secretaría de Niñez y de Desarrollo Social del municipio de Hurlingham y la comisaria de la Mujer. Las imágenes fueron tomadas por la niñera del pequeño y posteriormente las subió a su perfil de Facebook .

"Their straight-line speed has been faster than ours and we have the longest straights here. If we make everything automised, we can put robots there and there will be no problem, but who is going to watch us?"

"Being that I'm the older driver I felt that it was important that I went to him", said the Briton.

Verstappen, often the bete noire of the sport, partly because of his hot-headed nature and partly because he's still the junior and therefore more of a target (though not usually where Hamilton is concerned), refused to get drawn into a fight however.

Just a few minutes after he said that, the two shook hands in the paddock with some form of apology exchanged. "In order to win this year, we need to bring our A game".

LEWIS HAMILTON, Mercedes driver, who is the favourite to win the Chinese Grand Prix this week, having won in Shanghai an unprecedented five times. Ferrari was the last to remove the branding, clinging to their Marlboro partnership for as long as possible, even if the partnership just remained in the background.

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