Microsoft looks to the future with new cloud gaming division


Microsoft "Pleased With the Success" of Xbox Game Pass; Will Continue to Push Cloud and Subscription Services

In January, Microsoft took a step in this direction with the acquisition of PlayFab, a lesser-known cloud gaming platform.

So with the might of the Xbox division and the power of Azure, a Microsoft gaming streaming service could very much forge one path into the future of gaming.

Kareem Choudhry, who has worked on Outlook an Xbox engineering, will head the new division and report to recently appointed gaming head Phil Spencer. Its goal will be to aid other game developers and publishers in using Microsoft's cloud services as well as create new services for the industry. However, Microsoft already has the building blocks in place for something like that.

"Phil really wanted a dedicated team focused exclusively on the gaming cloud, says Choudhry, in an interview with The Verge".

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San Francisco: Microsoft has announced plans to deliver Microsoft Azure Cloud services from its first data centre locations in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and soon expand the Cloud options for customers in Germany. Apparently, these conversations began last summer, and were followed by creating the structure of the organization a few months later, at the end of year. Ubisoft has been using Microsoft's Azure cloud services across PC, Xbox, and PS4 with Rainbow Six: Siege recently, and even the mobile game Black Desert uses Azure virtual machines and databases. Microsoft hopes more developers in the future will move to the cloud, which enables easier multiplayer experiences across devices.

In Germany, Microsoft's additional investments aim to help empower more organisations and businesses in Germany and across the globe to digitally transform with cloud services. And Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass, a cloud-powered subscription service that allows members to stream games to their Xbox One, which is expanding by launching all first-party games on the service simultaneously with the retail releases. Sea of Thieves is the first big title, but future Halo and Gears of War games will also be available. This division will leverage Azure, and in the short term, it will attempt to persuade publishers into using its cloud services.

"We're looking at ways to make that content available to anyone no matter what device they're on", said Choudhry.

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