Dog dies in overhead locker on plane

United Airlines flies pet dog to Japan by mistake - after puppy died on earlier flight

United Airlines flies pet dog to Japan by mistake - after puppy died on earlier flight

United Airlines say they are now investigating the animal's death and have apologized for the 'accident'.

"The mother, who was also travelling with her two-month-old newborn son, discovered the fate of her precious pet when the plane landed".

When the plane landed after a three-hour-long journey from Houston to New York City, the woman opened the cabin to find her puppy dead, reported Washington Post.

"My mom got up and got the bag, and she took him out, and she's like: 'Kokito, Kokito, wake up!' and he didn't", she said.

Fellow passengers claim that the mother was pressured by a stewardess to put the case in the locker above her seat for the three-and-a-half-hour flight. "I heard the dog barking a little and we didn't know it was barking a cry for help".

According to Department of Transportation statistics on animal incidents on USA carriers, United has the highest rate of incidents involving loss, injury or death of animals during air transportation, with 2.24 incidents every 10,000 animals transported.

She told travel website, One Mile at a Time: "I witnessed the United flight attendant instuct a woman to put her dog carrier with live dog in a overheard bin".

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However, the airline declined to comment on its official in-cabin pet stowage policy and whether the passengers have been compensated for their loss. "They lost their dog because of an [U] nited flight attendant".

Kokito, believed to be only 10 months old, was like another child, said Robledo, whose 11-year-old daughter was with her on the flight.

"The passenger adamantly refused but the flight attendant went on with the instruction", Gremminger wrote.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the animal-rights group, issued a statement calling for the flight attendant responsible to be fired and charged with animal cruelty in the dog's "horrific, terrifying death". "The woman, crying in the airplane aisle on the floor", Gremminger said.

"'It's a dog, it's a dog.' He can't breathe up there, ' the pet owner said, to which the flight attendant replied 'It doesn't matter, it still goes up there", Sophia Ceballos, 11, told CBS. They said they are truly heartbroken. The flight attendant then came, appeared "frazzled" and said she had not known there was an animal in the carrier, she added.

Eighteen animals died while being transported on United previous year, against six cases on other USA carriers combined, according to Department of Transportation figures.

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