Why renaming Android Wear actually makes a lot of sense

Android Wear may rebrand to 'Wear OS' according to latest Google Play Services beta

Android Wear may rebrand to 'Wear OS' according to latest Google Play Services beta

You can see the rebranded logo of Wear OS in the listed image.

According to the evidence made available by a user on Reddit, Android Wear could soon become Wear OS. In the post, it is clearly visible that a user received a pairing notification with Wear OS name and Google Assistant-like logo, instead of the regular name- Android Wear. The previous stable 11.9.75 and current stable 12.2 still mention gadget as Android Wear.

This change was found in the latest 12.5 beta for Play Services, and while there's not much else it reveals, it's exciting nonetheless. Yes, the company is rebranding the Android Wear with the new Wear OS. What we see here is no different; the company seems to be trying out a more rounded search bar, one that matches more closely with the one seen on the Pixel Launcher, on its mobile site. This might not mean that they will change the name, but if they do it would probably be during the Google I/O conference in May. In the case of Android Wear, you'll be notified that there's a watch nearby that can be paired with your phone.

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Android Wear used to be my personal favorite wearable OS, and I religiously wore the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, and Huawei Watch.

Google launched the new payment services and they are promoting the Android Wear in the same way they have done branding new pay app. The steps emerge as a new development towards releasing Fuchsia, forthcoming Android OS.

The most recent update to Android Wear in December 2017 brought a "Touch Lock" function for locking the screen to prevent random taps when using devices underwater, as well as improved power efficiency and compatibility with new languages.

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