China scraps two-term limit, makes Xi President for life

China’s National People’s Congress to eliminate presidential term limits

China’s National People’s Congress to eliminate presidential term limits

China had imposed a two-term limit on its president since the 1990s.

The rubber-stamp parliament further enhanced Xi's considerable power on Sunday when it approved a constitutional amendment abolishing presidential term limits.

The draft was approved nearly unanimously, with only two "no" votes and three abstentions among nearly 3,000 delegates of the National People's Congress, according to Reuters. With the term-limit gone, Xi, who already has a larger than life image in China, can rule the country of 1.4 billion until he retires, dies or is toppled.

There has been no debate in Chinese media about the scrapping of presidential term limits but several critics did manage to send their concerns to some delegates.

The final result of the National People's Congress vote to end constitutional term limits on the presidency.

Of the 2963 lawmakers present, 2958 supported the change - with 2 opposing and 3 abstaining.

Xi Jinping took over as head of the ruling Communist Party in 2012, and as President in 2013.

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"This is the urgent wish of the common people", Ju Xiuqin, a delegate from northeastern Heilongjiang province, said, echoing party claims that the amendment had the unanimous support of "the masses".

At the time, Xi vowed to root out corruption following a $10 billion smuggling scandal, but ruled out political reform to confront the problem, saying he would work within the one-party structure and system of political consultation and "supervision by the masses".

Also enshrined in the Constitution's "guide for action" is Xi's "Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era", adopted at the communist party's twice-a-decade congress last October.

His thoughts were recognized as the newest achievement of China's Marxist theory and will be on par with the ideas of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping's theories, as well as theories about the protection of China's culture, national interests and leading productive forces.

This will allow President Xi Jinping to continue as president indefinitely.

There is eerie silence all over the country over the approval of the amendments, with Chinese censors aggressively removing anything remotely connected to the comments in the social media through the firewalls.

"If Xi Jinping is backing it, you know it will be a tool to consolidate absolute political control by persecuting enemies, intimidating potential adversaries, and hounding everybody else", said author Gordon Chang.

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