Bobbi Kristina Brown's Ex Nick Gordon Arrested Again for Domestic Violence

Gordon was arrested Saturday in Florida on domestic violence charges for the second time in the last year

Gordon was arrested Saturday in Florida on domestic violence charges for the second time in the last year

An ex-boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina was arrested after deputies were called to a possible domestic disturbance in Unincorporated Winter Park early Saturday.

Leal told authorities she had picked the 28-year-old up from a bar and was driving him home when he punched her in her right cheek several times and pulled her hair. Houston's family blames him for the death of Kristina Brown after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub at their Atlanta home. She claimed that he told her that he should make her crash the auto.

Gordon, 29, was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office on one domestic violence charge of "battery - touch or strike", online records show. Nick, who had previously been accused of being responsible Bobbi Kristina's death, also was arrested for similar charges less than a year ago.

According to the arresting officer on Saturday, Leal had a visible injury, including a slightly swollen bottom lip with dried blood. "She attacked me and ripped my shirt", Gordon said in a statement, according to police.

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She said the pair continued arguing when they returned home. It is reportedly listed as a domestic violence case for which he has allegedly posted $500 bond but has yet to be released by police. The charges were eventually dropped.

Gordon was previously arrested for allegedly kidnapping and beating Leal in June a year ago.

Leal refused medical attention and also refused to press charges against Gordon, who she said she's been dating for the past six months. "I just want her to leave my house".

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