Police probing video of panicked horse inside Florida nightclub

Credit Instagram

Credit Instagram

Video of a panicked horse inside a packed Florida nightclub has created an internet storm that resulted in the venue being stripped of its business license.

Authorities were alerted after footage of the woman riding the animal inside Miami Beach's Mokai Lounge was uploaded to social media, with the video capturing the horse bucking the woman off and attempting to make a break for freedom.

On Friday night, Miami Beach Police said the horse had been located and was deemed to be "healthy and safe".

The Miami Herald noted that there was a Change.org petition to get police to take action against whoever chose to bring the horse into Mokai. A police officer being interviewed mentions that they have received information that this isn't the first time something like this has happened at Mokai, but whether those claims are true is still unclear. I will also be sending this disturbing video to local news stations in hopes this nightclub can be penalized for the abuse of a poor and helpless animal.

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In today's world of weird news we have for you a story from Miami involving a horse. Aside from potentially breaching Miami Beach code, the act was viewed as potentially traumatic for the horse. This is inhumane and deserves serious attention ASAP'.

"We are very concerned over the allegations", Rodriguez said.

Another Facebook user, by the name of Ceci Be, wrote that "owners and all those present at that moment are responsible for animal cruelty".

'It was a handsome white horse that reminded me of mine, ' Jagger wrote in a letter to Financial Times in 2015 to set the record straight.

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