Interior Department to spend $139000 on new doors for Ryan Zinke's office

Interior Department to spend $139000 on new doors for Ryan Zinke's office

Interior Department to spend $139000 on new doors for Ryan Zinke's office

Remember that "big attractive door" that Donald Trump promised for his border wall? Swift said Zinke agrees $139,000 is a lot of money for new doors.

Swift blamed the cost of the fix on rules for historic preservation and procurement. So you know. There's that.

According to CNN, as it was reported in October, he had spent nearly $200,000 on his yearly travels.

Zinke is being investigated by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel on whether be violated the Hatch Act, which bars executive branch employees from engaging in political activity, when he gave a speech to a professional hockey team owned by a political donor previous year.

Spending decisions by Trump administration officials have repeatedly attracted public scrutiny.

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The new doors will be made of fiberglass.

In December, Zinke was criticized for a $6,250 helicopter ride he took from Virginia to Washington to ride horses with Vice President Mike Pence. He spent $53,000 on three helicopter trips past year, including one to go on a horseback ride with Vice President Mike Pence.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt spent $25,000 on a soundproof "privacy booth" inside his office to prevent eavesdropping on his phone calls. Another $9,000 was spent for biometric locks and to have Pruitt's office swept for hidden listening devices. "Secretary Zinke shouldn't be buying doors, he should be shown the door out of the agency".

After media reports highlighted the spending, HUD canceled the order for the new furniture.

When asked about the details of the construction project, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke didn't respond. A 2007 renovation of the secretary's personal bathroom cost $222,000, a figure that included a sub-zero refrigerator and custom cabinetry.

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