Police Respond to Reports of Gunman in Yountville, California Veterans Home

Police Respond to Reports of Gunman in Yountville, California Veterans Home

Police Respond to Reports of Gunman in Yountville, California Veterans Home

According to California's Veterans Affairs website the home is the largest veterans' home in the U.S. and houses elderly and disabled veterans of World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm.

CHP is also responding with aerial resources and sending a SWAT team to assist the Napa County Sheriff's Office on scene. The teens from Justin-Siena High School were at a theater rehearsing a play. Sasha Craig spotted a vehicle carrying her 15- and 17-year-old children and ran toward it blowing kisses.

The veterans home was under lockdown and people inside were told to shelter in place, local media reported.

Authorities know who the gunman is but would not reveal his identity.

The Pathway Home is a privately run program on the veteran home's grounds, in the wealthy Napa Valley town of Yountville.

The home includes veterans from World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

The California Department of Veterans (CalVet), which operates the home, said it enacted its emergency protocol.

Shots have been fired at officers, but now there no reports of injuries.

With such a prolonged situation, some residents remain stuck in lockdown and officers say they are attempting to reach the gunman on his cellphone first to resolve the situation.

The gunman is believed to be confined to one concrete room, and hostage negotiators are standing by.

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Jan Thornton of Vallejo, California, was among hundreds of relatives anxious about how their loved ones were coping with the lockdown.

She says her "heart just bleeds for the people that are being held hostage".

Still, she anxious about the stress of the lockdown, considering her father's age and that he has PTSD and some dementia.

The three hostages were Pathway House employees, California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris Childs said. She is in the home's dining hall and not allowed to leave.

The Veterans Home of California opened in 1884 and is the oldest veterans home in the country. She posted on Facebook, "Please pray we have about 30 police here at the Vets Home there is a shooter here".

A local CBC affiliate reported that at least two hostages had been taken.

Kamer said he does not know why the shooter let his wife and some colleagues leave.

Golfers on a nearby course have been told to evacuated and three police helicopters have landed.

The witnesses husband said the women were having a staff meeting, a celebration for employees that were leaving the facility, and the gunman entered as "calm as can be".

Photo taken on March 9, 2018 shows the Veterans Home of California in Napa County, Califonia, the United States. Police have not confirmed the report.

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