Nintendo Switch to get brawler Super Smash Bros

Neo Atlas 1469 Sails Westward on Nintendo Switch This April

Neo Atlas 1469 Sails Westward on Nintendo Switch This April

Still, none of these titles for Switch matched the hype Super Smash Bros has had within hours of its announcement.

You knew a Super Smash Bros. had to hit Switch at some point, and Nintendo has confirmed it's coming this year. For those watching closely, the Inklings aren't the only change; Link's appearance has been altered to match his look in Breath of the Wild.

Is this a remake?

This has been a year of teases for Nintendo - first with Metroid Prime 4 during its E3 keynote, and now for Super Smash Bros. during a rather innocuous Nintendo Direct. Has he had that long-awaited vacation yet?

The Nintendo Switch is also getting a few ports of some famous and some not so famous titles. Gold packs in more than 300 games along with newly-added voice acting, and it'll release on 27 July in the United Kingdom (3 August in the States). So this could be a repackaging of Super Smash Bros Wii U, but with extra characters and stages.

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While a graphical facelift on top of the same game-or even some additional costumes-also doesn't almost necessitate a whole new game, that was enough to set the internet's hivemind on fire like so many giant, burning Smash symbols.

Did you notice the couple Nintendo 3DS games mentioned in the previous sections? There's a lot of room for interpretation here and, seeing as Super Smash Bros Wii U had a massive roster of 58 characters, there's a heck of a lot missing from the shadowy lineup. However, the company appear to be softening to the idea after announcing a tournament for their fighting game "Arms" although that is only taking place online.

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to enjoy Okami HD on the go, as Capcom has announced the remastered re-release will make its way to Nintendo's newest console this Summer.

In the press release, the gaming giant referred to the new title as Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. and mentioned about the teaser video below that "recognizable faces like Mario, Link and the Inklings from the Splatoon series".

Nintendo also divulged details on Mario Tennis Aces, such as the different gameplay modes and features players can expect. In response to this news, he says "I'm excited to use GameMaker Studio 2 to put Undertale on Nintendo Switch".

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