Here's What Mark Cuban Was Accused Of Doing Back In 2011

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki

Weeks after the Dallas Mavericks found themselves grappling with a major sexual misconduct scandal, owner Mark Cuban has also come under the microscope over a 2011 allegation of sexual assault in a nightclub.

"He then moved his hand down until it was on her buttocks", Portland Police Detective Brendan McGuire wrote in his summary of the woman's statement.

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"She said she was anxious about the potential publicity and did not want to be labeled as "that girl" involved in a sex scandal with Mark Cuban", the redacted report reads.

The woman reportedly submitted photos to the police department, which have not been publicly released.

Prosecutors ultimately declined to pursue the case, citing a lack of supporting evidence.

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"Oh! Hell no!" Cuban said to police in response to the allegation, according to Willamette Week.

According to the report, which the paper obtained through a public records request, the woman immediately told a friend and her boyfriend about what happened but didn't go to police until more than a week later. She says that despite the fact no charges were filed, she stands behind her report "1,000 percent".

She also submitted seven pictures as evidence, two of which were described as "significant" by McGuire.

The woman reportedly submitted photos to the police department that showed Cuban "stretching to reach his arm down" while the woman had a "look of surprise and strain".

Shortly after the newspaper published the story, Cuban told the Associated Press that the alleged incident "did not happen". "Cuban and smiling. The victim asserts the photographs were taken at the moment of the digital penetration, but nothing is revealed in the photographs which demonstrates a sexual assault or even inappropriate physical contact".

Sneed has since been fired and Cuban told Sports Illustrated that human resources director Buddy Pittman has also been given his marching orders after further details of the report emerged.

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