First look at snow totals, details of Wednesday's Nor'Easter

First look at snow totals, details of Wednesday's Nor'Easter

First look at snow totals, details of Wednesday's Nor'Easter

Heavy snow is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday this week in Windsor County, with the National Weather Service expecting accumulations of four to seven inches with localized amounts of up to 11 inches.

In the watch area, heavy snow is possible, with accumulation of between 4-8 inches of snow possible, and higher amounts locally, forecasters said. Forecasters warn that the storm will rapidly strengthen by Wednesday evening, when visibility and travel will be most hard.

"We are definitely looking at a significant snow event", said Gary Lessor, chief meteorologist at the Western Connecticut State University Weather Center. It isn't until mid Monday morning that areas west of the MS transition to heavy, wet snow.

Today will be gorgeous with sunshine, less wind than yesterday and seasonable - highs in the 40s....

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Wednesday's commutes, both morning and afternoon, will be "horrendous", she said. However, temperatures will likely remain below freezing all week. It also said the snow will be heavy and wet, and "there will be a concern about the potential for power outages across the region".

Temperatures on Monday will begin to cool, turning rain on Sunday into snow midday Monday. This includes rain and the water equivalent of snow and ice. An earlier transition to snow would lead to final snow totals higher than what we now have, while a later change would reduce observed snowfall totals.WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 6 AM THIS MORNING TO 6 AM CST TUESDAY.

Another winter storm is on its way. While timing and the change from rain to snow is what we have the best handle on right now, areas of lower confidence are in how much precipitation we receive, mainly how much snow we will get, and the exact track that this storm will take. Coastal flood advisories stretch from ME to Virginia as onshore winds in the wake of last week's storm keep water pinned along the coast.

There could be another storm early next week, but it's too early to know if it hits us or misses. It might be a good idea depending on the timing to cancel the afternoon activities, but we should be able to get most of the school day in on Wednesday. Snow could be coming down an inch an hour by Monday evening, especially west of the Mississippi. Winds are forecast to gust up to 25 miles per hour in the James River Valley, and blowing and drifting snow is expected. Low: Upper 20s - low 30s. It is possible Northern Worcester County and the Berkshire hills could see up to 24 inches of snow. Saturday should be partly sunny, but there will be a brisk northwest wind.

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