Seven people detained in killing of Slovak Journalist

Slovak police detain seven people over journalist's murder

Slovak police detain seven people over journalist's murder

Tibor Gaspar, the country's police chief, reportedly declared that almost ten people are supposed to be arrested, however, he didn't give any further information.

Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kusnirova were found dead at their home on Sunday.

These men have links with senior officials, including people close to the prime minister, Kuciak had alleged in his article.

A participant holds a banner reading: "PM Robert Fico in bed with Italian mafia" during a march in honor of murdered Slovak investigative reporter Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kusnirova in Bratislava, Slovakia, on February 28, 2018.

"Physical evidence and individuals are being detained, they will be interrogated", Gaspar said.

On Wednesday, Mr Fico's adviser Maria Troskova and national security council secretary Viliam Jasan resigned after the publication of Kuciak's final article, which revealed their alleged links to Mr Vadala and another Italian businessman with possible 'Ndrangheta connections.

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He said those taken into custody during raids in the eastern town of Michalovice were "persons mentioned" by Kuciak in connection with the "Italian track". In a statement, both denied any involvement in the journalist's killing.

His latest investigation concerned alleged abuses of European Union funds, Italian businessmen operating in the agricultural sector in Slovakia and their links to the Italian organized crime and the Slovakian government.

A protest in the capital Bratislava called by a conservative opposition party drew around 1,000 people on Wednesday night.

The junior Most-Hid party said global investigators should be invited to join local police to aid transparency, and also called on Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, a close ally of Fico, whose business acquaintances had been subjects of Kuciak's earlier articles, to resign. According to Slovak media, Vadala was among the three detained Thursday.

Kuciak is the first journalist to have been killed in Slovakia, and his death is being seen as an assault on the press in a country where it has generally been tolerated.

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